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Everyone needs clean, safe drinking water. Whether you are concerned about:

* the water coming out of your tap,

* the need for a reliable water source while hiking, camping, or at the office,

* bringing safe water to people in dire need,

*or preparing for emergencies,

Filter Bucket Water Filters use Just Water brand ceramic filters, along with just about any two buckets or containers to create a variety of gravity-fed water filtration systems that don't require electricity or complex plumbing, provide quality water in any location, save you money that would be spent on fancier systems or bottled water, provide water during emergencies, and help the environment by not filling landfills with disposable plastic water bottles.

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"I have used these filters in Nicaragua before when on a logging/lumber op, and [the filters] gave us good water from water I would not have wanted to walk in much less drink." --J.V.

Quick Links:

D.I.Y. instructions for gravity system (English)

D.I.Y. instructions for gravity system (Spanish)

D.I.Y. instructions for gravity system (Haitian Creole)

Simplified D.I Y. Instructions for gravity system (mostly pictures)

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"Get One, Give One" Campaign: Purchase a water filter for yourself, along with one that will be donated to a much-needed safe water project in Jacmel, Haiti. Click here to go to our products page.

Clean, safe water for everyone: 5% of our profits are donated to the purchase of water filters for worldwide water projects.

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